PhD Fellowship Programme of the African Academic Mobility Network


Achieving sustainable development, and inclusive growth within Africa would largely be undermined if its water resources are not sustainably managed, utilised, protected and governed. The continent is facing multiple water-related challenges, including declining water quantity and quality, inadequate governance and institutional structures, declining monitoring networks, increasing resource use in the face of a growing human population, and increasing resource variability associated with future changing climates. As the region strives toward improving political, economic and social stability, the importance of secure water supplies will assume increasing significance. If this is neglected, a potential for conflict exists: 1) within and between communities -through a lack of water- and sanitation-related access and services, and 2) between countries- through a lack of agreement on transboundary sharing of water resources and most importantly, 3) between societal constituencies through perceived non-inclusive and equitable sharing of water resources (distributive justice).

The African Water Resource Mobility Network (AWARMN), which is a project of the Intra-Africa Academic Mobility Scheme, is a set up to address the water-related pressing needs on the African continent. The main objective of addressing these pressing needs are achieved through:

  1. a transdisciplinary, socially-engaged training embedded in existing programmes within partner institutions, ensuring increases in the numbers of highly qualified and competent (MSc and PhD) graduates in the field of water resources in Africa; 

  2. develop and harmonise programmes and curricula, with a particular emphasis on disciplinary excellence and transdisciplinary capability; 

  3. build and sustain teaching and research capabilities among partner institutions; 

  4. design and implement research programmes based on collaboration and cooperation during, and beyond, the AWARMN funding;

  5. facilitate student and staff mobility to promote multiculturalism and internationalisation among African institutions of higher learning; 

  6. ontribute to innovation and water technologies that advance social-economic development of Africa and; 

  7. address the professional career development and employability of graduates by creating a direct interface between AWARMN and industry partners.

AWARMN is funded by the Intra-Africa Academic Mobility Scheme of the European Union ( 

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