The teaching staff of the Regional School of Water is made up of teacher-researchers from the University of Kinshasa as well as national and international experts in the water and environment sectors. Teacher-researchers are selected for their expertise in areas such as water resources management, hydrology, water engineering, water policy, water economics and modeling hydrological. Invited experts are chosen for their experience and expertise in the water and environment sectors, their ability to share their knowledge with students and build local capacity.

The faculty is multidisciplinary, which allows students to benefit from comprehensive training covering all aspects of water resources management, including technical, economic and policy aspects. Teachers are also involved in applied research and project development, allowing them to share their knowledge with students in a relevant and practical way. The faculty is committed to providing high-quality training to students, striving to maintain a balance between theory and practice

Raphaël Tshimanga, PhD Hydrologist

Teacher of Congolese nationality (DRC) Director of CRREBaC,  Director of the ERE, University of Kinshasa, DRC
Email: (principal); (alternative)
​Tel. +243 (0) 820949456 

Professor Daniel Mulenda

Teacher of Congolese nationality (DRC)
 Specialization in Water and Navigation, Provides the Port Economy course,
Regional Water School, DRC