CEMiC project launch workshop and partner awareness (copy)

Report of the Results Feedback and Stakeholder Awareness Workshop - July 2021 -
4 March 2022 by
CEMiC project launch workshop and partner awareness (copy)
Christian SONDI
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Faced with the various challenges linked to the issues of migration of transhumant herders in the Congo Basin and the community conflicts generated around water in the context of climate change, of which women are the most affected, the CRREBaC, through this project , set up the Interinstitutional and Multidisciplinary Expert Group on issues of sustainable water management in the Congo Basin. The latter's main mission is to methodically and objectively evaluate scientific, technical, socio-economic and cultural information, with a view to guiding national and regional climate change policies and taking into account inequalities. related to gender and water security in the Congo Basin.

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Congo Basin Catchment Information System


Congo Basin Integrated Water Resources Management Tool

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